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Academia Test Series - Testimonials

Siddsheshwar Baliram Bondar - IAS
Year : 2015, Rank : 124
UPSC Academia is the best coaching institute for exam preparations as they provide tons of exam material for complete preparation.
Dr. Sandeep Rewaji Rathod - IAS
Year : 2008, Rank : 267
Without Academia Test Series, I wouldn't be the man I am today, thank you for helping me in achieving this wonderful achievement UPSC Academia, thank you Director - Rahul Khandare.
Dr. Sachin Shide - IAS
Year : 2007, Rank : 269
My experience with UPSC Academia was wonderful. The staff and teachers are very helpful and friendly, I really recommend this institute for best preparations.
Amit Tukaram Kambale - IPS
Year : 2008, Rank : 491
With tons of practice exams I was able to get this rank and I believe with proper guidance and excellent study material anyone can score good rank.

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