UPSC Pri Cum Mains Practice Questions Paper

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ClassSubjectName of BooksDescriptive Test

(Time 2 hr.)

Objective Test (Time 1 Hr.)
Polity (Test 1)Date :      /      /
VIPolity Social and Political Life200 Marks100 Marks
VIIPolitySocial and Political Life
VIIIPolitySocial and Political Life
Polity (Test 2)Date :      /      /
IXPolity Social and Political Life200 Marks100 Marks
XPolitySocial and Political Life
XIPolitical Sci.Political Theory
Polity (Test 3)Date :      /      /
XIPolitical Sci.India Constitution at work200 Marks100 Marks
XIIPolitical Sci.Contemporary World Politics
XIIPolitical Sci.Political Science – II
Economy (Test 4)Date :      /      /
IXEconomic Economic200 Marks100 Marks
XEconomicUnderstanding Economic Development
Economy (Test 5)Date :      /      /
XIEconomicIndian Economic Development200 Marks100 Marks
XIIEconomicIntroductory Macronommic
History  (Test 6)Date :      /      /
VIHistory Our Past200 Marks100 Marks
VIIHistory Our Past  – II
VIIIHistory Our Part – III (Part I)
VIIIHistory Our Part – III (Part II)
History  (Test 7)Date :      /      /
IXHistory India & Contemporary World I200 Marks100 Marks
XHistory India & Contemporary World II
XIHistory Themes in World History
History  (Test 8)Date :      /      /
XIIHistory Themes in India History I200 Marks100 Marks
XIIHistory Themes in India History II
XIIHistory Themes in India History III
Geography  (Test 9)Date :      /      /
VIGeographyThe Earth our Habitat 200 Marks100 Marks
VIIGeographyOur Environment
VIIIGeographyResource and Development
Geography  (Test 10)Date :      /      /
IXGeographyContemporary India 200 Marks100 Marks
XGeographyContemporary India
XIGeographyFundamental of Physical Geo
Geography  (Test 11)Date :      /      /
XIGeographyIndia Physical Environment 200 Marks100 Marks
XIIGeographyFundamental of Physical Geo.
XIIGeographyIndia – People & Economic
Physics   (Test 12)Date :      /      /
XIPhysics Fundamental Physics 200 Marks100 Marks
XIIPhysicsFundamental Physics
XIIPhysicsFundamental Physics
Chemistry    (Test 13)Date :      /      /
XIChemistry Chemistry200 Marks100 Marks
Biology  (Test 14)Date :      /      /
Environment  (Test 15)Date :      /      /
XIEnvironmentEnvironment200 Marks100 Marks